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Friday, June 28, 2024

Governor's Signature Would Create a Perfect Crime

By Margaret Dore, Esq., MBA 

“Aid in Dying” has been a euphemism for physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia since at least 1992.

Per the American Medical Association, "physician-assisted suicide" occurs when a doctor facilitates a person's death by providing the means or information to enable a person to perform the life-ending act. "Euthanasia" is the administration of a lethal agent to a person with or without consent.

Persons assisting a suicide or euthanasia can have an agenda. Reported motives have included: financial gain; the “thrill” of getting other people to kill themselves; and wanting to see another person die.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Euthanasia Bill Fails to Move

Bess McAneny
testifying against bill
HB 140 is dead for now. The bill had sought to legalize medical "aid in dying," which is a euphemism for active euthanasia.

After a hearing before the House Health & Human Development Committee, the main sponsor, Paul Baumbach, requested that the committee forgo holding a vote.

No vote was taken.

Margaret Dore