Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Tell Governor Carney to Veto Assisted Suicide

By Alex Schadenberg 

Contact Delaware Governor John Carney (pictured here). Tell him to veto assisted suicide/euthanasia Bill HB 140 at john.carney@delaware.gov

People at vulnerable times of their life need proper care not assistance in being killed. 

In a roller coaster ride of votes, the Delaware Senate passed assisted suicide Bill HB 140 on June 25 by an 11 to 10 vote in a second vote on the bill.

On June 20, I reported that the Delaware Senate defeated the assisted suicide Bill HB 140 by a 9 to 9 vote. I thanked the many Delaware citizens who worked to defeat the bill.

The June 25 vote was based on all 6 Senate republicans voting no, along with 4 Senate Democrats.

Eleven members of the Delaware Senate voted to legalize medical killing even after an assisted suicide lobby leader lied to them three times during the Senate hearing.